Women at all stages of life, from early teens to menopause and beyond will experience a variety of hormonal, medical, physical and emotional conditions that require attention and care.

Regular well-woman screening, for instance, is essential for early detection of potential problems and should include smear tests, pelvic checks and breast examinations on a yearly basis.

We have a great deal of experience in dealing with any and every problem that may cause distress to a woman.Throughout our clinical career, have successfully addressed to all complaints of our patients, advised appropriate investigations & prescribed appropriate management, be it medical or surgical. Our clients testimonials are a great reflection of it.

We offer all types of services to our patients related to

Menstrual problems



Contraception & Family Planning

Ovarian Cyst & PCOD

Uterine Prolapse (Sling Surgery)

Abdominal, Vaginal & Laproscopic Hysterectomy

Sexual transmitted diseases(STDs) & Urinary Tract Infections

Myomectomy for Fibroid Uterus

Screening tests for Cervical and Endometrial Cancer namely Pap smear, Office Endometrial Sampling etc.

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