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Usha IVF is a renowned fertility centre located in Anand, Gujarat, offering ethical and affordable treatments, making it the preferred choice as the Best IVF Centre in Anand. Our IVF Clinic brags a dedicated team of exceptional doctors, nurses, and embryologists in Gujarat. We recognize the pivotal role of technology in infertility treatments and, as a result, leverage advanced technologies to provide pioneering solutions to our patients.

Selecting the right IVF center for treatment is crucial as it significantly impacts the success of your treatment journey. Although there are several IVF clinics in Anand, Gujarat, India our remarkable IVF success rate distinguishes us as the leading choice all over the world. Every year, numerous couples worldwide opt for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to enhance their chances of conceiving, and now you can transform your dream of parenthood into reality by partnering with us in a very few simple steps. Our team of fertility specialists is dedicated to offering the highest quality of care and support to each patient who seeks our services. Usha IVF stands out as a secure and renowned IVF center in Anand, Gujarat, India, where you can receive expert infertility treatments from Dr. Dipan Thakkar & Dr.Usha Thakkar.

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N0.1 IVF Treatments Center in Anand

Embarking on the search for the right fertility center can be daunting. While the techniques and innovations used in IVF treatments in Anand may seem similar, the expertise of the doctors sets each option apart. Your decision for IVF treatment in Anand should be guided by the quality of the healthcare professionals available at the respective facilities. Trust Usha IVF to provide you with the exceptional expertise and compassionate care you deserve on your journey to parenthood.

We employ tried and proven methods from our several years of experience, driven by a profound passion for assisting families in their journey to expansion through these well-established strategies. Our primary objective is to ensure a seamless process while minimizing the emotional burdens that individuals and couples may experience. We provide steadfast guidance throughout each stage of the procedure, extending unwavering support and personalized direction from your initial consultation through the fullness of your IVF treatment.

In Anand, our IVF treatment team is widely recognized as trailblazers in the field. The exceptional outcomes achieved by our experts are a direct result of the superior quality of infertility treatments they run on each patient.

IVF & Fertility Treatments

  • Ultrasonography
  • Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy
  • Intrauterine Insemination
  • IVF & Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
  • Ovum, Sperm and Embryo Donation Facilities
  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
  • Blastocyst Culture
  • Vitrification
  • Surrogacy
  • PGS
  • IMSI

Who Needs IVF Treatment?

You could be just starting to understand fertility health and your own scenario. We are here to provide direction and unflinching support to the best of our ability, whether you have already decided on a treatment strategy or are still considering your alternatives.

We carry out our IVF procedures in Anand, Gujarat, India utilizing modern techniques, careful preparation, and sophisticated equipment. The Usha IVF treatment team in Anand is committed to giving you the assistance and care you need to deal with any fertility problems you might be having. IVF is useful in treating a number of ailments, offering a thorough approach to your reproductive issues.

We apprehend the various challenges individuals face while coping with infertility, consisting of unexplained infertility, ovulation problems, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, premature ovarian failure, genetic disorders, recurrent miscarriage, and male factor infertility such as low sperm matter and low sperm motility. Additionally, we assist customers who've undergone preceding tubal sterilization or removal, those with blocked or broken uterine tubes, and people seeking fertility maintenance because of most cancers or other health conditions.

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Understanding the diverse needs of our patients, we provide the choice of a woman doctor for folks that select it, alongside non-obligatory vitamins and counselling offerings. Our priority is to make certain your consolation via imparting the specific offerings you require in a manner that fits your possibilities. Our expert women doctor Usha is to be had to manual you in choosing and administering the perfect fertility treatment. Additionally, we collaborate with independent properly-being practitioners to assure complete healthcare, addressing both your physical and emotional properly-being.

Our Approach

Our method is centred on supplying personalized fertility services. Unlike a mechanical and impersonal treatment adventure, we prioritize a private and bespoke revel in for each man or woman. We are devoted to making your journey as clean and enjoyable as viable.

Our dedication is unwavering; we attempt to assist you in reaching your goal of conception. With a plethora of fertility remedies available in Anand, Gujarat our IVF treatment medical clinic aims to provide you a huge range of alternatives. We continuously decorate our processes using the present day generation, making sure safe, and effective IVF remedies. Throughout the years, we've decreased using medicines in our fertility remedies, opting for an extra natural technique. This approach minimizes aspect outcomes and shortens the treatment duration, prioritizing the protection and comfort of both the mother and toddler.

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Our extraordinarily trained team is right here to assist you comprehensively, addressing all elements of your situation with utmost care, consideration, and professionalism. We understand that your IVF treatment in Anand, Gujarat might not be your first try at fertility remedy. We will attentively pay attention to your history, presenting empathetic guidance. Our IVF applications are globally diagnosed, and some popular remedy options encompass fertility maintenance and various fertility treatments tailor-made on your particular needs.

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What to Expect

IVF stands as the most advanced form of assisted reproductive technology. In our personalized consultations, we delve into essential details. The comprehensive screening process, conducted for you, your partner, or donor, includes tests such as ovarian reserve testing, semen analysis, infectious disease screening, mock embryo transfer, vaginal ultrasound, blood tests, and uterine cavity examination.

Our expertise encompasses various IVF treatment options, including intracytoplasmic sperm injection and intracytoplasmic morphological sperm injection. Leveraging our experience and knowledge, we can recommend the most suitable treatment options tailored to your specific situation. IVF treatment typically encompasses six stages:

  • Stimulation of the ovaries: Synthetic hormones stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple eggs for the process.
  • Egg retrieval: An efficient and painless method is employed to extract eggs from you or your donor.
  • Fertilization: Eggs are fertilized using sperm.
  • Embryo development: Fertilized eggs are allowed to develop into blastocysts.
  • Embryo transfer: Developed embryos are introduced into your uterus, where they can grow into healthy pregnancies.
  • Beta pregnancy test: Two weeks after the embryo transfer, a test is conducted to confirm the success of the procedure.

If you are using your own eggs, medications are used to stimulate ovarian production, mature the eggs, prevent premature ovulation, and prepare the uterine lining. This meticulous process significantly enhances the likelihood of successful conception, especially when fertilization occurs outside the uterus. At every stage, our focus is on ensuring your comfort, safety, and the best possible chance for a successful pregnancy.

Why Choose Usha IVF?

At Usha IVF, our commitment to enhancing the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of our treatment processes is unwavering. We firmly believe that the desire to have a child is a fundamental right, regardless of an individual's sexual orientation, gender preference, or marital status. The emotional toll of infertility is substantial for both individuals and couples

To address these challenges, we have developed personalized plans for each individual. By harnessing our extensive experience and technological expertise, we streamline the path to achieving a successful pregnancy and a healthy delivery. Our aim is to provide effective and comfortable healthcare options in environments that prioritize patient well-being, with a focus on female fertility clinicians to offer the highest level of care and support.

At Usha IVF, our professionals are recognized experts in the field of fertility and reproductive health medicine. We offer highly competitive pricing for fertility treatments in Anand and provide tailored packages to suit the specific treatment needs of each patient. Get in touch with us today to embark on your IVF journey in Anand, Gujarat, India and take the first step toward building your family.

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Our Team

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Dr. Dipan Thakkar

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Best Ivf Clinic for fertility In Anand

Dr. Usha Thakkar

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MD (Anaesthesiology) Dip. G.O

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