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Women at all stages of life, from early teens to menopause and beyond will experience a variety of hormonal, medical, physical and emotional conditions that require attention and care.

Regular well-woman screening, for instance, is essential for early detection of potential problems and should include smear tests, pelvic checks and breast examinations on a yearly basis. Gardasil vaccinations are currently recommended for girls and young women with evidence suggesting that it may protect against cancer of the cervix. Contraception is another important subject for many women and couples, as are the complex issues surrounding unplanned pregnancies. Abnormal, irregular or painful periods can be very distressing and these too can often be resolved. The menopause, its spectrum of symptoms and the many questions they pose, is another matter which needs to be addressed with sensitivity. Advancing years can also bring gynaecological concerns which, with the right approach, can often be alleviated completely.

We have a great deal of experience in dealing with any and every problem that may cause distress to a woman.